The Files Turns 7! + FAQ Section Added to the Blog!

Hey guys, Mimi here. (I’m the girl-behind-the-blog, in case you don’t know.) This is a very special post: The Heather Chase Files is officially seven years old! Pretty amazing, right?

First, I want to give you all a BIG thank you for reading this little blog! I started it back in 2008 when I was 16, and I had no idea what a big part of my life it would become.

Secondly, I wanted to touch on the nature of this blog. The Heather Chase Files is about the life and times of Heather Grey Chase, who has become a virtual celebrity in her own right. But of course, Heather would be nothing without Tokio Hotel, especially Bill. A HUGE thank you to Bill, Tom, Georg, Gustav, and everyone involved with Tokio Hotel.

Lastly, LOTS of love to the international Tokio Hotel fandom. You guys are awesome!

Alright, now my big news: I added a FAQ section to the blog. Hopefully this will clear up any lingering questions you might have about Heather and the blog. If there’s anything I missed that you want answered/discussed please scream it out in the comments below!

Melodramatic right? I bet you were hoping for some major news here. Well, I guess you better hop on over to the FAQ then!


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Tokio Hotel: Feel It All Tour @ TLA in Philly on Sunday, August 16, 2015 (aka Heather Chase’s Birthday!)

Hi guys! I’m cMimi Niggel, The Heather Chase Fileshecking in here to say hi, share some concert pictures, and wish a Happy Birthday to this blog’s main character. (This is Mimi, The Files’ blogmistress, by the way…if you
didn’t figure that out already. No, I’m not Heather Chase.)

I was lucky enough to see Tokio Hotel in concert at the Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia this past Sunday, August 16th! It was the last stop in North America for Tokio Hotel’s Feel It All World Tour, and happened to coincide with Heather’s birthday! Coincidence?! I don’t know! I like to think Bill planned it that way, knowing it was Heather’s birthday and that Heather calls Philly home. It seems like the kind of thing he’d do to rile us all up. 😉

Was Heather at the concert? Did I see her? I did see a sexy blonde sitting by herself at the corner of the bar. She was wearing a floppy hat and thigh boots. Definitely Heather Chase-esque. I tried to covertly take a picture, but failed miserably because the all the light was in front of me on stage, leaving the bar in the shadows. (I know what you’re thinking, Yeah right…I swear guys! I really tried!)

So I don’t know if Heather was actually at the concert, but I sure was. I comically got kicked out of the VIP seating area (I didn’t have VIP tickets/special access, which should answer your question of Do you personally know Tokio Hotel and Bill Kaulitz? Nope.) — see photos below for before (left) and after (right) of my views! Lol.

How did I get kicked out of VIP seating? Well, first of all, I didn’t know it was VIP seating. The bouncer didn’t stop me on the way up. But after the first opener, I went to the bathroom, and when I came back the bouncer asked to see my wristband. I was like, “What wristband? What are you talking about?” And I was promptly told to either upgrade or vacate my VIP seats. I ended up in the bar area for the night.

So if you were at the TLA Sunday you might have seen me/talked to me/bumped into me! Below are some of my favorite photos from the evening, hover over them for captions! As always, Thanks for reading!

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Tokio Hotel’s Cover For Single “Love Who Loves You Back” Inspired by Online Rumor?

At first glance it looks like a vagina. A double take almost confirms that Yes, that is most definitely an actual vagina. But on closer inspection Tokio Hotel’s risqué cover for their single “Love Who Loves You Back” is actually nothing more than a computer mouse being clicked by a woman’s hand with killer red nails.

In Tokio Hotel’s Facebook Q&A yesterday it was revealed Tom Kaulitz, Tokio Hotel’s lead guitarist, was the mastermind behind the single’s cover design. He’s the band’s resident prankster and hustler; the one who beds all the girls. But, why a computer mouse? He could have picked a real-life half naked model, or something closer resembling an actual vagina.

Enter the online rumor of Bill Kaulitz, Tom’s twin and Tokio Hotel’s lead singer, dating Heather Chase, an electronica artist under the name of Pigeon. Bill has been linked via online fan blogs and forums to Chase since late 2008, which has turned Chase into a virtual celebrity in the Tokio Hotel fandom. She’s even heralded as the muse behind Tokio Hotel’s Humanoid album.

After all, what else does a computer mouse have to do with Tokio Hotel and love? Oh, right. Everything. Just Google: Heather Chase + Bill Kaulitz.

This isn’t the first time Tom’s deviously dropped alluding mentions to Chase at the expense of Bill. Fans will remember when Bill got his side tattoo; Tom announced it was Bill’s girlfriend’s name. (Mass hysterics ensued.) Tom also took upon himself to talk about Bill’s love life on RTL, again sparking mass panic that Chase had really snagged the rockstar for herself.

Looks like Tom just could help stirring up trouble again. Thanks Tom. We love you too.

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Heather Chase Makes an Appearance in Tokio Hotel’s New Music Video

Love Who Loves You Back MV Still

Bill Kaulitz’s rumored long-time girlfriend, Heather Grey Chase, appears in Tokio Hotel’s new music video for their third single, “Love Who Loves You Back”. Chase is the wavy blonde who is continually featured throughout the video, but never shows her whole face directly to the camera. See if you can spot her!

Chase was “very excited” to be a part of the music video and absolutely “adored” the video concept, which was shot completely in Germany. Fans are very excited to see Tokio Hotel taking a sexual stance finally, and it seems Chase is right on board. “She makes out with a woman and a man, and she loved every second of it!” our source said. Love who loves you back, right?

Tokio Hotel unveiled their latest music video for “Love Who Loves You Back” yesterday via their official Facebook page. Featuring all members of the band, the video is just short of a giant orgy party with lead singer, Bill Kaulitz, as your host. Some fans are calling it the “grown-up” party version of the famous “Schrei” music video.

Video stills of Chase from “Love Who Loves You Back”:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Girl With a Gun

Tokio Hotel’s new music video “Girl Got a Gun” debuted to negative reviews, and rumors it’s about Bill Kaulitz’s on-again, off-again romance with virtual celebrity Heather Chase.

The second single off the highly anticipated Kings of Suburbia album dropped earlier this week worldwide. “Girl Got a Gun” departs from the German-band’s trademark emo-pop ballads with a completely electronic sound, but like usual Bill’s lyrics are sparse and seemingly allude to those pesky tabloid romance rumors.

The lyrics start with “Are we on? Are we off? / On the phone, reality / Every word is killing me”. It’s possible Bill is talking about his on-again, off-again romance with virtual celebrity, Heather Grey Chase, who is the inspiration behind Tokio Hotel’s Humanoid album. The pair supposedly broke up for good in 2010, but they are still occasionally spotted together.

But Chase’s sister, Devin, says don’t read too much into the lyrics. “It’s not about her [Heather] specifically.” In fact, Heather, like many other longtime Tokio Hotel fans, isn’t even a fan of the music video. “Heather’s like, ‘Tokio Hotel shot themselves in the foot!’ with that video.”

“She doesn’t like the concept,” Devin said. Devin also reveals her sister turned down the opportunity to be in the music video. Bill wanted Heather to play one of the women characters, but “she didn’t feel comfortable with the direction of the video.”

The video prominently features a masturbating puppet. It also surprisingly shows gunshots over the American flag. “Heather thinks it’s trashy, an insult to Tokio Hotel fans, especially American fans.” Tokio Hotel fans agree. This time Tokio Hotel has taken shock value too far, and the wrong way. One fan tweeted, “I’m disappointed in the new #tokiohotel music video.” Others have taken to YouTube comments to express their blatant disgust in the band’s new direction. “Yeah the fans grew up, yeah Tokio Hotel grew up, but this video just ruined a perfectly good song,” lamented another fan.

Haven’t seen the video yet? Check it out now! Let us know what you think in the comments below! (This is the UNCENSORED video.)

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Tokio Hotel Confirms New Album and New Sound, Fueling Their Comeback

“Kings of Suburbia” is more electronic, less rock.

Image via

Tokio Hotel officially confirmed new album Kings of Suburbia drops on October 3rd. The eagerly anticipated album is the German band’s first studio release since Humanoid and is already trending on Twitter under the hashtag “Tokio Hotel Is Coming Back” as they prepare for a worldwide comeback.

But a new album, new band logo, new episodes of TokioHotelTV, new tattoos and new hairstyles aren’t the only things for Tokio Hotel 2.0. Fans are already buzzing with talk of a new sound – one that is more electronic. There’s talk of the band being influenced heavily by the DJ mania sweeping through the country, but lead guitarist Tom Kaulitz, who recorded and produced much of the album, insists Tokio Hotel still has a live band sound. “We’re not DJs – not yet!” joked Tom.

Tokio Hotel first embarked on a new sound with their second English studio album Humanoid back in 2009. Bill Kaulitz says its only natural Kings of Suburbia continue that exploration, “Of course it’s a new sound! In five years there’s just so much that happens.”

In 2009, rumors swirled after it was revealed Humanoid was partly inspired by Bill’s rumored girlfriend at the time, Heather Chase, thanks to a fan-run blog. Now, one can’t help but wonder if Chase’s own pursuits as a DJ and electronic act over the last few years have rubbed off musically on Tokio Hotel yet again.

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Bill Kaulitz Alludes Past Romance, Recaps the Years on TokioHotelTV

In five years there’s just so much that happens. There are so many people you meet. And you fall in love, and you fall out of love. There’s just so much. I mean, five years or four years, can be…life changing.

Bill Kaulitz on TokioHotelTV’s September 3, 2014 episode

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